We believe that each child’s learning style should be respected and nurtured. Every child can learn. It is our job to find the best way to teach each child. Our skilled professionals are well trained and offer their own variety of teaching styles.

We have the opportunity to match those approaches to the various needs of our students. They will become problem solvers, appropriate risk takers eager to experience new opportunities without a fear of failure, learning from their mistakes and building on their successes. They will learn to stop and listen to their inner voice and develop habits and attitudes that will serve them well.

We believe that by giving our students the tools and strategies they need to be confident, enthusiastic learners, and by working with the whole child, our students will emerge ready to deal with new situations throughout their lives.

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We invite families interested in Windsor Academy to contact us. You may call, fax, use our web site, write, or simply stop by for a visit. Although we are able to make appointments for a tour, our policy does not require that you do so.