Windsor Academy Tuition Information

                       for 2022-2023

Effective August 25, 2022-June 24, 2023


Less time spent on tuition processing = more time spent on your child’s education.

General Information

Every attempt has been made to maintain the high educational and environmental standards of Windsor Academy, while being sensitive to our families’ personal financial situations.

Windsor Academy and the owner and director reserve the right to amend tuition policy statements if needed.

Payment Policies

We will continue to accept checks, money orders, cash (always with a written receipt), as well as credit cards (+processing fee). Credit card information can be called in or the card can be presented each month.  We will not keep credit card information on file.

We no longer offer a prepayment option.

Tuition is paid monthly on the 25th of each month for the upcoming month.

The grace period runs through the 27th of the month.

If the 25th falls on a day WA is closed, tuition is due on the last day WA is open before the 25th.

We discourage late payments and with the credit card option – this gives families a viable alternative.

The late fee for payments made or checks dated after the 27th is $75.00.

The returned check fee is $75.00 – the check cannot be resubmitted – payment needs to be made in cash or by credit card the following day.

Tuition is not refundable or applied as a credit. If you choose to end your child’s enrollment after the tuition has been paid for the month, the tuition or remaining portion is not refunded or credited for later use. Tuition credit is not transferrable to another family. 

There are no reduced or adjusted fees for family vacations, illness, and emergency closures (including pandemic occurrences). Tuition payments remain the same for each month regardless of how many weeks, days, holidays, or emergency closures (including pandemic occurrences) are in that particular month. Just as you still pay your personal bills at home, even when on vacation, you need to make that same commitment to WA. Summer programs are billed separately. If a student misses a scheduled day because it falls on a holiday or emergency closure, the day cannot automatically be moved to another day in the week due to staffing responsibilities. Additional updates–Handbook Addendum.

School Year Dates and Tuition

The monthly tuition is the same each month during the 10 month school year: August 30, 2021 – June 24, 2022. The summer program will run from June 27, 2022 – August 19, 2022 (tentative end for summer session dependent on public school calendar). Summer tuition is paid by the session: Session I: June 27 – July 22 (4 weeks) and Session II: July 25 – August 19 (4 weeks). These dates are subject to slight changes.  Each session’s fee is the same as a monthly payment.

The Universal Pre-Kindergarten program follows the Newburgh School District calendar.

Miscellaneous Fees

Magnetic Security Key System – $25.00 per key deposit (refunded on last day child attends WA – no refund after the last enrollment day)

Required Canvas Bag for toddlers and pre-school (to be used for nap items only)- purchased at the school – $25.00

Registration fees and information

The annual non-refundable registration fee is $150.00, payable with the submitted Registration packet. No child will be permitted to begin school in September if fees are not up to date.

The annual non-refundable registration fee for our extended day programs for public school and UPK students is $100.00, payable with the submitted Registration packet. This fee covers the morning, afternoon or a combination of both programs. No child will be permitted to begin school in September if fees are not up to date.

Registration fees need to be submitted with the registration packets or before.

Sibling Discount

2 children – $75.00/month subtracted from total tuition

3 or more children – 10% discount on total monthly tuition

Daily Rate

$80.00 – full day

$50.00 – half day (until noon)

The Daily Rate is only available to add an additional day or half day to an existing enrollment as needed.  After the fee is paid, credit for missed days can only be applied during the same month.

Full time rates – Monthly

(Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

5 days – $1150.00
4 days – $1050.00
3 days – $950 (if available)

Toddlers – born in 2019
5 days – $1080.00
4 days – $1030.00
3 days – $925.00 (if available)

Preschool – born in 2018 (December 2 – December 31, 2017 included)
5 days – $1045.00
4 days – $955.00
3 days – $850.00 (if available)

Pre-Kindergarten – born by December 1, 2017
5 days – $925.00
4 days – $825.00
3 days – $740.00 (if available)

A.M. Preschool program (if available)
9:00-12:00 (includes lunch time).
Although a parent may pick their child up earlier than a full day while enrolled in our Pre-kindergarten programs – there is not a tuition adjustment.

5 days – $540.00
4 days – $490.00
3 days – $440.00 (if available)

Traditionally, children move to the next program each September. A change in age mid-year does not place a child in a new room. All exceptions are at the discretion of the director and must be in the child’s best educational, emotional and social interests. Tuition is based on age not on class placement.

Universal Pre-K
A Newburgh School District subsidized 6 ½ hour program (child needs to be a Newburgh District resident and be 4 years old on or before December 1, 2021) – limited availability – no charge to parents

Extended Day Program for UPK students
The district free UPK program is 6.5 hours. If a child needs coverage before and after class and during the time the district is closed and Windsor Academy is open – the following fees apply:
A.M. care: $270.00/month
P.M. care:  $330.00/month
Holiday care: $80.00 day
A.M/P.M./Holiday Care for UPK students only:  $400.00/month

Public School Options:

Extended Day programs
These programs are designed for students who attend public school and may need the extra childcare.

The morning program is relaxed and gentle. The children are supervised by a classroom teacher. The afternoon program includes homework supervision by NYS certified teachers, craft projects, use of our library and computer lab, free time and good conversation. No televisions or electronics are used.  Homework is done in a quiet location. There is a designated classroom for all public school programs – facilitating efficient bus and classroom management.  In good weather, the full playground is also used. The enrollment is very limited and at the discretion of the director. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated and is proactively addressed. These programs are supervised by trained WA staff members. The WA standard is maintained with all children at all times.

A.M. extended day program for public school
7:00 a.m. to bus pick-up: $270.00/month

P.M. extended day program for public school
Bus drop-off to 5:00 p.m.: $330.00/month

A.M. and P.M. extended day combination

NEW – a daily a.m. or p.m. rate is no longer available 

If the district has an unexpected delayed opening or early dismissal that is weather related – there is no additional charge. It is very likely that WA will also have a delayed opening or early dismissal as well.

Holiday care
When the Newburgh school district is closed and WA is open – we are able to provide childcare for public school students. 
$80.00 – full day
$50.00 – half day (until noon)

If you are already paying for a.m. and/or p.m. extended care:
$60.00 full day
$30.00 – half day (until noon)

Payment for Holiday Care needs to be made no later than the morning of the day being used. 

NEW:  Full Coverage Option for Public School Students!

$700/month covers a.m. and p.m. extended day care and all days Newburgh is closed and WA is open. This includes unscheduled virtual school days, closures and holiday breaks. At this time there are 22 planned district closures when WA is open.  This is a 10 month commitment and cannot be adjusted mid-year.

For those who do not choose to commit to the $700/month option for 10 months – the following choices are available:

NEW:  Remote Program for Public School Students
$800/month (5 day/week)       If the public schools move to an emergency platform – WA will provide a full day program on a month to month basis. 

NEW: Hybrid Program for Public School Students
$600/month (3 day/week)    If the public schools move to an emergency platform – WA will provide a hybrid program on a month to month basis.  This includes any busing needs on the other days.

Important – placements will be limited – first priority will be given to students enrolled in the 10 month commitment at $700/month.

Summer Rates
Watch for Spring 2022 Announcements for Pre-K and Public School Programs.

Tuition rates remain the same through the summer for Infants-Preschool. 

Summer Tuition Rates for infants – elementary students:
Payable June 24– for June 27 – July 22, 2022

Payable July 25 – for July 25 – August 19, 2022(last day subject to change based on the District calendar for the following year)

Subsidized Child Care
In addition to the district subsidized Universal Pre-K program, WA collaborates with Child Care Aware of America for our military families, Department of Social Services and the newly created CARES Scholarship programs for eligible families. Please see the owner or director for detailed information.

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