Our New Website

Welcome to our new website.   Over the years – our families have always felt comfortable offering suggestions and recommendations as we developed our programs.  This new site rests on the many, many hours of dedication and input since 1996 from so many people.   When I first became the owner of Windsor Academy almost 25 years ago, one of our tech savvy parents suggested I immediately establish our domain name and register a website.  Thank-you to John Davis – parent of 3 of our very early students for making sure I heard him and followed through.  That’s when www.windsoracademy.org became official.  Shortly thereafter – my now longtime friend and then one of our parents, Alex Devia approached me to help design our very first website almost 20 years ago.  I remember the long hours of researching – making design decisions – writing and rewriting copy – selecting photos.  Alex is not only responsible for our first website which has stood the test of time all these years but even after he relocated to another state – has supported our site enabling it to stay current.  I continue to be forever grateful for his selfless and kind support.  Over the last few years, he has encouraged me to consider updating our site.

Thank-you to Jeff Sabat, owner of Sabat Age Consulting, Inc. and his technology support team for recommending web designers.  We started our new website process with Steve and Sheila Gilday, owners of Gilday Creative, Inc. and their team last year.  They are nothing short of magical.  Just as with Alex and Jeff – they are able to take our dreams, all of our “what ifs” and “could we?” statements and make them a reality.  They continue to bring their patience, flexibility, professionalism, experience and kindness to this journey.   Thank-you also to Brian Wolfe, alumna parent, photographer and good friend.  The photos of the school and classrooms were taken this year by Brian.  Hundreds of photos later – we found the right ones to help showcase our program.

Please take your time and start exploring our new site.  Please don’t hesitate letting us know what you like and what may need some refining.  We are always a work in progress.  You will notice that our photographs do not include any of our students.  The photos are all licensed and approved for the site by a professional company.   As the times have changed so has our approach.  The wonderful photos of our children are privately posted on secured classroom sites.  They are never posted on our website or Facebook pages.

To our families and staff over the years – to our children, many of whom are now adults – we thank all of you.  You are the reason we do what we do.  We are forever grateful.


Masks!  Regardless of personal, political, scientific, medical, mandated, suggested information – regardless of our own belief systems, our own anxieties – our reality is that seeing our children and staff wearing masks is an on-going visual message that life is different.  Do masks tell us that life is unsafe?  Do masks tell us that we are successfully problem solving a new situation?  Do masks tell us we are all now safe?  What I believe is that our children are now digesting new messages, new information and having to learn how to handle a lot of different expectations.

We’ve always been aware that a child’s well-being includes so much more than intellectual growth and physical safety.  Our mission statement written almost 25 years ago identifies our commitment to providing a child-centered education for all our students with emphasis on appropriate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.  Now more than ever, as we all are experiencing an awareness of the unpredictable nature of our lives and our futures – we need to be focused on our children’s emotional safety.  As conscientious parents and educators, we understand the impact of what we are doing and saying to our children.  We are all in uncharted waters.  There are many articles and materials that are accessible to help us.  We are all doing the research.  But what about in our daily routines?  What are our children overhearing us discuss?  What are they seeing on TV, on line, in newspapers?  What are they hearing from their friends?  What is our body language and tone of voice telling them?

On the CDC website for parents they say: “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can affect children and young people directly and indirectly. Beyond getting sick, many young people’s social, emotional, and mental well-being has been impacted by the pandemic. Trauma faced at this developmental stage can continue to affect them across their lifespan.” (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/parental-resource-kit/index.html)

We are watching our children very closely.  We are not making assumptions about behaviors.  We are exposing them to options and laughter, friendship and conversation.  We are identifying the changes and talking about them.  Even our youngest children can easily pick up on adult frustration and fear.  Our oldest children are learning new coping mechanisms.  Please continue to share your concerns and suggestions.  We need to see our children smiling.  We need them to remember that we are taking care of the adult problems and they still have the right to be children.  

I believe the children are our future   Teach them well and let them lead the way-
Show them all the beauty they possess inside – Give them a sense of pride to make it easier…”  
Songwriters: Linda Creed / Michael MasserGreatest Love of All