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Special Subjects

In reality, our special subjects, although very special, are not separate from our core curriculum and program.  They are an integral part of who we are at Windsor Academy and what we believe in.  We educate the whole child.  We value each child's abilities and our goal is to help our students develop and maintain a love for the arts.  Our goal is to have each child respect their individual abilities and those of their peers.


Our decision to dedicate a room to our Art Program was an easy one.  The deep sinks, large tables, potter's wheel, and supply cabinets allow all our students to experience the creative process without fear of "making a mess".    The students are exposed to a variety of media and processes.  Their work is mounted and hung throughout the buildings.  Each walk down our halls, feels like we're in the middle of an art gallery.  The message is simple - each child is valued and appreciated and celebrated - creativity and imagination are important aspects of every person's life.

Our art teacher is an artist in residence as well as a teacher and provides the children with life long lessons including appropriate risk taking, appreciation of each other’s differences and the celebration of individuality through art.  Pride in the process as well as the product are integral parts of the program



Our music program takes place for all the children in a dedicated room as well.  Here, they have the opportunity to explore the use of different rhythm instruments and music, and by kindergarten are learning to play the recorder.  As the grades continue, our upper elementary students are exploring a variety of more intricate classical pieces and recorders.  The children create their own words and music.  They sing, they move, they listen.  Performances are held within the school setting every six weeks and on stage during the year as well.  Our children are able to maintain that comfort level and joy of music that we often only see in the very young.  It is as natural to them as breathing.

Our music teacher is a musician and performer as well as a teacher and has been with Windsor Academy for over ten years.  She helps our students “keep music in their hearts.”



Broadway Dance Arts 

Our dance program is an optional ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop opportunity offered to our students as young as two and a half years old.  The dedicated room, complete with ballet bar and wall of mirrors, affords our students the chance to experience instructional activities under the direction of  Michelle Bruckner, a performer and teacher for many years.  Their recitals are on a real stage with real costumes and a real audience.  It is a gentle program that celebrates movement, music, and children. The program continues to develop self-confidence, the ability to follow directions and the joy of creativity as part of a group experience


Physical Education

Our five outdoor play areas and a variety of parachutes, balls, scooters and other appropriate commercial playground equipment, enable all of our students to experience more formal physical education activities.  In addition, our elementary and pre-kindergarten students spend weekly time involved in a professional program that involves Yoga in our newly refurbished fitness room.  Aquatics, movement and music, basketball, soccer, hockey, nutrition, as well the National Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge, the St. Jude’s Research Hospital Trike-a-thon and the American Heart Association Hopathon are part of the annual curriculum.  In addition, we utilize our outdoor playgrounds throughout the winter months with "snow" activities, complemented by our summer water programs and visits to a neighboring swimming pool.  We have added an indoor play area this year, which will enable the children to be more active even during inclement weather.  The children need to be moving and enjoying physical activity on a daily basis.  We ensure that they do.

Phys ED


Many of our classrooms have computers and developmentally appropriate programs.  In addition, our computer lab consists of networked and protected equipment that allows our specialized computer technology teacher to provide the opportunity for individual and class instruction beginning in preschool to all our students.  She works with the classroom teachers, as well as teaches technology to our older students, including internet research skills.  The realities of the 21st century demand that all of our students are comfortable and prepared to integrate computer technology into their daily lives.



Informal Spanish exposure begins early in our preschool classes during circle time and center activities.  The children absorb information and music as fast as we can teach it to them.  Beginning in our pre-kindergarten program, all students begin a formal Spanish program under the direction of a separate Spanish instructor.  During the year, they have the opportunity to perform and share their Spanish music and dance with an audience.  They use a series of books and tapes and have the opportunity to add to their abilities in language as part of a well-rounded education. 



Our well-stocked and easily accessible kitchen offers the opportunity for cooking activities, not only as part of the daily curriculum for all of our students but in an Organic and Healthy Cooking program supervised by a prior CIA instructor and internationally recognized pastry chef.  Here the students, wearing their chef’s aprons are taught to read and follow directions, accurately measure, cooperate and collaborate on a project and produce a product that they can share with others and enjoy themselves.  Of course, they are part of the clean-up process as well.



Each classroom maintains an age appropriate library.  The school also provides an extensive staff library for borrowing and use in the classrooms.  We offer parent resource information and are able to access specific books for specific needs at any time.  In addition, all of our elementary students are required to have a public library card and travel in class groups to the Newburgh Free Library on a regular basis.  Projects are assigned, research is taught, books are borrowed.  In a world of easy access to information via the computer, it is essential that our children continue to experience the joy of entering a library and being surrounded by books.  Families are able to add to their own personal collections through our monthly Scholastic Book Order program as well as our Book Fairs that are held twice a year at the school.